April 28, 2014

Designed in 1989 by Israeli artist Dani Karavan , the White Square is an environmental sculpture site reflecting Tel Aviv’s history and scenery. A 20-meter cement tower stands in the middle of the site symbolizing the 20-meter steel siren that, for years, stood in that very place. Beside it, there is a large geometric piece composed of east-west facing shapes. These shapes correspond to the measurements of the Achuzat Bait neighborhood. Next to the geometric piece, one can find a pyramid-like structure that has its south side open to the sun. This is intended to artistically represent the tents the pioneer workers lived in when they were building Tel Aviv. A small amphitheatre sits next to the pyramid and next to the pyramid there is a dome- like structure with an olive tree in its midst. The pyramid artistically depicts the orchards that surround Tel Aviv; the dome like structure- the typical landscape of the coastal plain. Most popular of the square’s features, however, is the giant half-circle which today functions both as a sun clock and a place to skateboard. Photos ©  Richard Jochum