August 29, 2016
Architecture Innovation Nature

“We’re happy to show how two men and a machine can easily build a cozy 3D earth shelter in a very short amount of time, with extremely low expenses”. Massimo Moretti, founder of WASP and creator of the Shamballa Technology Parc in Ravenna, Italy, put a 12 meters high BigDelta 3D printer into service for earth architecture.

Here some data. They were printed 270 cm of clay and straw with a 5 meters diameter wall, using about 40 tons of material. With 135 layers in total, 300 pounds each: each layer is completed in 20 minutes circa. As for consumption, we are talking about two cubic meters of water and 200 kWh, which means 32 euros for energy, 3 euros for water, 10 euros for straw, 3 euros for the motor hoe’s gas: 48 euros in total. To save even more money, the material can be mixed by feet, reducing energy costs up to 90%.

The final wall is of excellent quality. From preventive analysis it appears that it may withstand great efforts, while the large amount of fibers guarantees a good sealing. The weight/performance ratio resulting from straw and clay seems not to require further reinforcement of the walls systems. To prevent the external consumption, a 10% of plaster has been added to the mixture. Once the wall will be four meters high, the roof and door will be mounted.

3D earth house
WASP project
Shamballa Technology Parc
Viale Zaganelli, 26 – Massa Lombarda
Ravenna, Italy

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