May 6, 2014
Architecture Visual arts

“Was ist Metaphysik?” (title borrowed from a philosophical work of Martin Heidegger, 1929) is storytelling through the architectural detail.
Every visual signification not only into what is meant to represent, but also from the perspective which frames and contains. Is possible that an object may be superfluous represent him the totality when a detail can radiate consistency, which is both geometry and narration, destitute benefit of the observer who is required to rebuild over the edges, as if to compensate for an area of partial blindness. The relationship with the human presence determines the scale, vastness and at the same time the heideggerian “dasein”, or being-there: the keystone of existentialist philosophy, for which any ontological significance is related to the subject that the formula, both as presence that as language

Text and images by Michele Durazzi