May 5, 2016
Design Innovation Visual arts

“We are revealing glimpses into our Research process, through a series of questions we aim to answer” Universal Everything

“Carl Sagan, the noted astronomer, scientist and author, once famously wrote about how the human brain is hard-wired to identify human faces. This phenomenon, known as ‘pareidolia’, likely developed as an evolutionary survival strategy and is one of the reasons we perceive animal shapes in cloud formations or see a man in the Moon.
The human tendency to recognise patterns and see meaningful connections in apparently random shapes or data is a trait that has been exploited by artists longer than we have had the scientific rationale to explain it. As it turns out, we are predisposed to interpret abstract shapes and formations, to infer scenes and stories from their fragmented clues – something that the fathers of Cubism and Abstraction, such as Duchamp, Picasso and Kandinsky, all knew and understood implicitly. UK-based creative studio Universal Everything continue to investigate these ideas through works that explore abstraction, anthropomorphism and transfiguration. Taken collectively, their body of work is a study of our most primal emotional triggers – the power of moving images and sound to produce profound synaesthetic experiences; the quest to distil life into its most fundamental, abstract forms; the celebration of gesture, human movement and the beautiful simplicity of the drawn line.
In their desire to uncover new forms and aesthetic ideas, Universal Everything often work with cutting-edge technology such as motion capture, generative software, and large-format screens and projections to experiment with the new creative expressions these tools and techniques allow” Julia Kaganskiy, curator and Editor-at-Large of the Creators Project >>> Read the full article, Universal Everything: Distilling the Essence of the Human Form
If you are interested in Universal Everything’s way-of-working, you can find out more reading the article “In search of a global project” published on domus 1001, currently on newsstand.

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