Marianna Guernieri
May 16, 2018
Design Heritage

The Tribute stool by Romanian designer Dragoș Motica celebrates a rural icon. The traditional shepherd stool – renowned in many rural areas of Romania, especially in Muntenia –  takes around 12 days to manufacture. First, the willow wood is precut into rectangular shapes and put to dry naturally in the shadow. Then, the seat and the legs are carved, revealing the visible texture obtained during this process. The stool was designed for the 5th edition of the Romanian Design Week. It was crafted by local craftsmen and it is easy to dismantle thanks to hidden connectors that allow the legs to be easily screwed into the seat. The legs are secured together by a metal triangle that gives stability and works as a footrest thourgh a subtle touch.

Tribute stool
Designer: Dragoș Motica
Brand: Ubikubi /
Completion: 2017