December 7, 2016

Weather change, population increase, desertification, pollution, urbanization. We all have some projections in our mind to help us depict what’s happening on this planet, but sometimes they might be confusing or narrow. Time-lapse Earth is a powerful free tool, part of Google Earth Engine, showing images from space that can stimulate reflection. It puts together images that span from the mid Eighties to the current year, clearly showing how the planet has systematically been abused, almost everywhere. You can freely move on the map, select a country, a city, or anywhere else, zoom on the detailing level preferred, and then observe the stunning time-lapse video. The project started in 2012 from a collaboration between Time, NASA and the United States Geological Survey.
The extrapolated video above shows man conquering the Nevada desert: what happens in Vegas… goes to Google.

Time-Lapse Earth
Development: Google Earth Engine
Year: 2016
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