August 22, 2017
Design Gifts

From Taipei, the maquette revolution. Cubiio is the most compact portable laser engraver available today, and only weights 150 grams. Launched on Kickstarter, it has already pledged 37 times more than requested, with still 29 days to go. It basically engraves and cuts everything from paperboard to fabric and wood. It also promotes pancake engraving, but maybe that’s a bit too far. It is controlled by an app where you can choose a picture or vector file, position your object, preview and align and then start. For better safety (it’s laser, after all) it also provides an additional “Cubiio Shield”, so to easily engrave/cut everywhere. It seems like a new era has come for architecture and design students.

The smallest portable engraver
Project: Cubiio
Credits: all images and crowdfunding campaign here
Year: 2017
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