September 12, 2017
Design Innovation

Premise. Balsa wood is one of the most used materials for maquettes and models, and it is actually the most lightweight wood known, with a density of 150-160 kg/m³. It comes from the Ochroma pyramidale, of the Malvaceae family, and it grows naturally in southern Brazil, northern Bolivia and southern Mexico, although Ecuador is the major supplier (95%) with its heavy plantations. The trees are harvested after 6 to 10 years of growth and can rise up to 30 mt tall – Ochroma is a large, fast-growing tree. Now, Dutch artist Vera van Wolferen uses this incredible material to create meticulously-constructed scenes inspired by her everyday surroundings. She has been creating architectural elements, small houses and objects since graduating in 2013, and recently released her Story Object n.2 collection.

Balsa wood of Vera van Wolferen
Artist: Vera van Wolferen
Project: Story Object n.2
Credits: all images via
Year: 2017
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