September 11, 2017
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Some of you might be familiar with the packed collages by Anastasia Savinova: her Genius Loci collection is a stuffed selection of some representative traditional architectures from different places around the world. She calls herself a flâneur that wanders around inhaling the spirit of places, trying to visualize them. “I take pictures, stare into windows, watch everyday life – all this helps to build the feeling of the Place”, following the definition given by Norwegian architect Christian Norberg-Schulz, in his essay Genius Loci: towards a phenomenology of architecture, published in 1979. Ancient Romans called it “genius loci” – the protective spirit of a place. In contemporary usage, it refers to a location’s distinctive atmosphere. Born in Sverdlovsk, Russia, class 1988, Savinova is a design graduate of the Samara State Architectural University who lives and works in Umeå, Sweden.

Genius Loci
Illustrations: Anastasia Savinova
Year: 2016
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