July 7, 2015
Design Fashion Society

Efficiency has taken over most of the daily interactions, architecture and objects in an urban context. As a consequence, we have lost control over determining our individual pace and interpretation of time; the diversity in our rhythmic patterns has become diffused.
The objects and architecture composing the urban landscape dictate the pace of the people inhabiting it. Every person has an individual rhythm which is often concealed, contained and limited by these external structures and systems. Yet the familiarity of urban routines, spaces and objects make it difficult to become aware of how we conform our diverse rhythms in our daily lives.
The excessively long shoes are a way of consciously imposing a slower pace on oneself. Their shape, weight, and length exaggerates and slows down daily movements making them less familiar thus creating a contrasting pace. Through imposing a rhythm on oneself with an object of the everyday one can transcend the ordered structure created by the urban environment by becoming aware of how we are succumbing to externally imposed rhythms.

Year of production: 2015
BA Product Design, Central Saints Martins, London
Cordwaining assistance – Mick Duggans, Jesus Alonso
Source: Paulina Lenoir’s website