July 28, 2017
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Think you know your Arctic Monkeys from your AC/DC? Dorothy’s new Alphabet prints are a way to test your musical knowledge. The Alphabet of Rock and the Alphabet of Alternative Music are made up entirely of letters from classic band logos. There’s a discreet A-Z key on the print to help you identify which band logo the irritating ‘I’ or that tricky ’T’ belongs to. “We fell in love with classic band logos when we were in school…doodling them onto the front of any exercise book that wasn’t covered in our mum’s wallpaper” says Ali Johnson, director of Wear Dorothy. “It could help explain how we ended up doing what we do. For us these Alphabets bring back some brilliant memories and celebrate that perfect moment when design meets music.”

Test your music alphabet
Project: The A-Z of Music by Dorothy
Production: Wear Dorothy
Year: 2017
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