July 27, 2016
Innovation Nature

With 40,000 km only powered by solar energy from Abu Dhabi, the departure and arrival Host City, to Oman, India, Myanmar, China, Japan, U.S.A, back to Europe and Abu Dhabi. Solar Impulse 2 did what no airplane has ever done before: fly days and nights without using any fuel to cross oceans from one continent to the next.

After months of intense preparation, training and simulations, Solar Impulse 2 was ready to attempt the first solar flight around the world. On 9 March 2015, André Borschberg took off at Si2’s controls for the first stage of this round-the-world odyssey. Bertrand Piccard joined him in Oman, took over the controls and continued the journey across the Arabian Sea.

The two of them then took turns flying this single seat experimental prototype with virtually unlimited endurance. As they encountered new horizons and each staging post dotted along their way, a whole team was beside them sharing the epic challenge. Their job was to anticipate and develop strategies, to prepare, track and receive the aircraft, and not least to communicate and spread news about the venture.

Solar Impulse
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