March 3, 2017

Miniatures are back on track, being one of the big trends lately: six devoted artists and designers produced mini pottery series that require a moment of observation and concentration. Almost like a ritual, Yuta Segawa shapes hundreds of vases and pots, that later melts for new explorations and meanings. “Size does matter” is the leitmotiv of tiny-pottery guru Jon Almeda and his company Almeda Pottery: with 309k instagram followers, his miniature ceramics are real web celebrities that take shape out in the nature, in front of inspiring landscapes. The “object enthusiast” Emily Reinhardt never stops creating, with her ring-holder dish series; Heather McCalla, Sara Théron, Linda Hsiao and Kagan Taylor have their own dedicated brands where they focus on usable tableware, or small gift ideas all made with ceramic.

Six mini pottery series
Designers: Yuta Segawa, Emily Reinhardt (The Object Enthusiast), Linda Hsiao and Kagan Taylor (Knotworkla), Heather McCalla (Tiny Badger Ceramics), Jon Almeda (Almeda Pottery), Sara Théron (Dodo Toucan)
Credits: all images via,,,,,
Year: 2016-2017
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