Marianna Guernieri
January 25, 2018
Architecture City Concept Nature Society

The San Francisco Bay Area is a place of natural beauty, richness, and resource. It now suffers from climate stresses due to its historical heavy settlements: sea level rise and storm flooding – drought and wildfires – earthquakes and liquefaction.

BIG+ONE+Sherwood, is one of the 10 research groups that have been asked to come up with something. Their intervention is part of the Resilient by Design project.

We propose that in order to create a more resilient, sustainable, and equitable Bay, urban stresses and climate stresses must be thought of as one – and in order to work on these issues, we must break the traditional silos of city-making – thinking of the Bay as a Social Ecosystem, one where, rather than working as opposing forces, ecology, people, infrastructure, and mobility work together, as self-reinforcing systems. For our regional approach, we propose a series of bay-wide strategies that can work in concert to build a more resilient bay.

Watch the video to see the full proposal.

Project: A Social Ecosystem for Resilient by Design
Design: BIG+ONE+Sherwood
Team: Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), One Architecture + Urbanism (ONE), Sherwood Design Engineers (Sherwood). The team also includes experts from Moffat & Nichol, Nelson Nygaard, Strategic Economics, and The Dutra Group
Competition: Resilient by Design
Status: concept
Year: 2018