May 13, 2014
Design Fashion Gifts

ShadE is a new innovative and unique item that results from amazing industrial design skills to achieve the first 100% wooden sunglasses. Qoowl designers have challenged themselves to create a functional product from a single sheet of plywood by experimenting with the qualities and properties of the material.

The particularity of ShadE relies in the fact that it is made without any further additives or supporting materials allowing it to weight only 14 grams! Additionally, the packaging also follows the same strategy to minimize waste of materials and keep its simplicity. It is made from a single sheet of cardboard, which is then folded to create the box.  This very fashionable accessory is a must have for the summer! And, if you already were glasses, no worries, you can even wear them over your regular glasses.
The ShadE glasses are now available to order for men and women at: