April 10, 2014

Scorpio, you’re such selfless creatures, especially during Milan’s Furniture Week. You always arrive two days early and are the last to leave. You love to organize everything perfectly to make sure all of your friends will be satisfied. You like to entertain them with a list of jokes that you meticulously prepared during the winter taking a cue from, let’s admit it, the Opera Omnia by Francesco Totti. You want them to have good food, selecting the best alternative restaurants from the reviews of Trip Advisor’s Top Ten.  You would like them all to visit everything inside and out of the Salone, manually creating a plan that even Captain Hook would envy and distribute it, free of charge, to all who cross your path. One might say you were almost a kind of “messiah” of design. But this year it is I, the astrologer, who must ask you a favor. At some point during your tour de force, that surely is planned down to a tenth of a second, bring your friends in Umbria 42 avenue where Marni, in collaboration with a group of Colombian women, has created a colorful caravanserai of ostriches, giraffes, rabbits and limited edition flamingoes. Their pieces are a part of a charity project entitled “Animal House”, thanks to which you can help a range of organizations that deal with palliative care for children suffering from terminal illnesses. If you listen to my words, dear friends of Scorpio, you will be the most loved creatures of the show. Trust me. (translation by Stefania Quaini / Erin Russo)

The following astrological horoscopes  were born from a verbal confrontation between a self-proclaimed architect  and an uninsured city planner and are lacking any sound foundation.The following statements are an excuse to re-imagine the way in which we experience the Salone del Mobile 2014, and the surrounding area. All islands included and Chinese calendars permitting.