April 8, 2017

Walking around Milan during the Design Week also means incurring into extravagant and cryptic microarchitectures, like the ‘engaged’ inflatables named Forms of Turmoil. But, what is it exactly? We’ve seen them on water, as elegant installations or at parties. German collective Raumlaborberlin, with Axel Timm and Francesco Apuzzo, set up a laboratory for design, experimentation and production of pneumatic microarchitectures. By sewing and tying together the single elements of a ready-made air cushion, different structures are emerging and will be further tuned to carry the individual expressions of several local activist groups in the public space. Turmoil stands for a state of confusion, uncertainty, or disorder. The project reflects forms of manifestations of protest and discourse in the public realm, in their utmost actuality.

Forms of Turmoil
Concept: raumlaborberlin
Credits: images via #ubermutproject
Milan Design Week 2017
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