April 10, 2017
Design Fashion Pavilion

Studio Boano Prišmontas designed a temporary shelter named “Quiubox”, a combination of the Colombian expression “¿Quiubo?”, meaning “what’s up”, “hello, what is happening”, and a “box”, referring to a small scale architectural object, a container of knowledge and activities. Quiubox is a nomadic workshop designed for the Afro-Colombian communities living in the coastal areas surrounding Cartagena. The Caribbean territory is beautiful and fragile. Vast portions of the coast are constantly facing floods due to the rising level of the sea. Afro-colombian communities often live in disadvantaged areas, lacking of a vision and methods to face these tough new challenges. The local population usually builds houses directly on the sea shore, meaning that in the following years a huge number of dwellings will need to be relocated to safer areas. The project aims to tackle inequality by building bridges between professionals and ethnic communities in the Colombian Caribbean. The structure sits on a floating platform to be able to move along the coast, from island to island, in the mangroves, and in the river communities. Quiubox is a modular structure constructed out of CNC-machined plywood panels. The sheets are cut in the most efficient way avoiding material wastage, while the modular structure is intended to be replicable and easy to assemble. Each module is built using dry joints that slot together without the aid of any additional fixing.
The Quiubox has also been installed in the Tortona Design District and in BASE during Milan Design Week 2017.

Design & Graphics: Boano Prišmontas
Illustration: Marìa Eugenia Beizo
Venue: Milano Design Week 2017
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