April 11, 2014

Sagittarius, you are the anti-technologist incarnate. You are convinced that you can hand craft everything without having to bend to the will and time of electronic machines. You’re still a fan of snail mail and believe it to be the surest method for getting information and considerations to your customers, suppliers and employees. You are sure that the Commodore 64 is enough to keep your accounts in order, despite that annoying noise generated by the cassette player sitting in your laboratory and the crushing sound of the grinder that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Despite all that, like every year, even in 2014 you will pack you bags and head to the Salone del Mobile where you will spend your time discrediting instead of appreciating the latest designs. The man and the machine, you say, will never be best friends. If anything, they will be bitter enemies until the bitter end because God, after all, didn’t create a drone in the beginning- he created man! Isn’t that reason enough? But this year you must overcome your caveman impulses before entering the Temporary Museum for New Design 204 and even more so on the fourth floor of La Rinascente Duomo to see up close (without getting too scared) the new collections of accessories and jewelry made by Maison 203 using not only the human brain but also a 3D printer. My dear Sagittarian friends, a quick gander won’t cause a sudden rash or itching. We’re betting you will want to splurge and consider busting open your ceramic, pig-shaped piggy bank that you made a few years back and buy some of these beauties for yourself. (translation by Stefania Quaini / Erin Russo) 

The following astrological horoscopes were born from a verbal confrontation between a self-proclaimed architect and an uninsured city planner and are lacking any sound foundation.The following statements are an excuse to re-imagine the way in which we experience the Salone del Mobile 2014, and the surrounding area. All islands included and Chinese calendars permitting.