February 27, 2017

“Somewhere to go, when you’re feeling low” is the mission of Sad Topographies, an Instagram hit created by Australian artist Damien Rudd, who works and lives in Amsterdam. He collects map views of places around the world named after blue feelings, or obscure facts. USA, Canada, Antarctica and Australia complete the list with lakes, rivers and mountains that much recall despair and disappointment. The Futile lake in Ontario, Canada, is a small reservoir part of the Wabakimi Provincial Park, while the Nameless county in Tennessee is a tourist attraction for its unusual name. The Empty Ness drive in Cypress, Texas is a rather densely inhabited street, and Poverty Island, owned by the federal Michigan government, is an abandoned and forgotten lighthouse island in Lake Michigan. For many of the listed places, Sad Topographies might be a real opportunity for ‘redemption’, or a new tourist destination.

Sad Topographies
Artist: Damien Rudd
Credits: all images via @sadtopographies
Year: 2016 – today
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