April 12, 2014

You, Pisces, like to be in other people’s business. You adore staying on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You like eavesdropping on neighboring table’s conversations   in bars and the calls of fellow passengers on the bus. You like to investigate who’s with whom at the Fuori Salone and you are interested to know who has sold more units in Russia and who will ship out less in Dubai. You are dying to find out ahead of time if Renzo Piano will participate in the preview at the Salone del Mobile to launch new challenges to the Italian Parliament, the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists or the readers of Mickey Mouse. You’d go out of you mind if your best friend, or even your brother’s girlfriend or your cousin’s cousin, would know Karim Rashid well enough to know the color of the towels hanging in his master bathroom. For all these reasons, and because you are the last sign, I’ll give you a crazy tip that will give you the opportunity to make a great impression during all the dinners you’ll attend until the end of the year. Francesca Molteni (a legend who all bow down to) curated the exhibition “Where Architects Live – Dove vivono gli architetti” photographing the domestic spaces and private rooms of internationally renowned architects such as Shigeru Ban, Mario Bellini , David Chipperfield, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas , Zaha Hadid, Marcio Kogan, Studio Daniel Libeskind and Mumbai / Bijoy Jain. Just think, Pisces, that the multitude of details present in a single exposure could arm you with enough content to help talk you through any social event. Better yet, you could tell your best friend that not only does the latest Pritzker Prize winner also use the same color towels as Karim in his guest bathroom, but that the book shelf in Zaha Hadid’s living room holds the entire collection of Mickey Mouse comics.  Who knows if he will also buy Mickey’s latest issue? You know, the one with the piano competition dedicated to future designers? Alas, a mystery! (translation by Stefania Quaini / Erin Russo)

The following astrological horoscopes  were born from a verbal confrontation between a self-proclaimed architect  and an uninsured city planner and are lacking any sound foundation.The following statements are an excuse to re-imagine the way in which we experience the Salone del Mobile 2014, and the surrounding area. All islands included and Chinese calendars permitting.