September 22, 2016
Architecture Visual arts

Olek designed a new My Pink House project in Kerava, a small town in Finlad. The artist tried to bring together a whole community, in order to cover with pink crochet work a whole house. With the artist’s words, “Our pink house is about the journey, not just about the artwork itself. It’s about us coming together as a community. It’s about helping each other. In the small Swedish community of Avesta we proved that we are stronger together, that we can make anything happen together.”

People from all walks of life came together to make the project possible. Someone donated the house, another one fixed the electricity and Red Heart Yarns donated the materials, while many women joined in the effort to complete the project.

My Pink House
Artist: Olek
Venue: Kerava, Finland
Year: 2016
Photo credits: Wilhelmina Suominen. All images via

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