Marianna Guernieri
February 14, 2018
Architecture Concept

Designed by MVRDV, Silhouette is a new addition to the centre of Moscow that will contribute to the grand character of the city’s central ring. With a height up to seventy-eight meters, the 52,000 sqm complex offers remarkable views of Moscow’s skyline thanks to its sloping roofscape. Sculptural cuts on the top and bottom of the facade are carved out according to the function that needs to take place, or certain quality that needs to be provided within the space inside.

The elevation pattern is manipulated by various window sizes and the facade’s red-colour refers to the neighbouring constructivist building and to its mission as a warm and welcoming place to live. The building will host luxury apartments, a sports centre, flexible workspaces, an event space and a sky deck. Underground programs include a supermarket and both commercial and residential parking. The building will be located at the intersection of Academician Sakharov avenue and Sadovaya-Spasskaya street, also home to the Le Corbusier Tsentrosoyuz Building and Narkomzem, the constructivist designed Ministry of Agriculture by Alexey Shchusevand.

Project: Silhouette
Program: multiuse building
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Client: GK Osnova
Architects: MVRDV – Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries
Team: Jacob van Rijs, Frans de Witte, Fedor Bron with Mick van Gemert, Elija Kozak, Daniele Zonta, Fouad Addou and Iker Perez
Visualization: Antonio Luca Coco, Davide Calabro, Pavlos Ventouris and Tomaso Maschietti
Partners: Interstroy – Aleksey Polischuk, Ekaterina Abramovich, Arseniy Zubuga, Svetlana Babloeva and Igor Belyaev (management coordination, competition phase)
Images: © MVRDV
Status: concept
Year: 2017 –