December 22, 2016
Architecture City

If you live in Sweden and own a little house, make sure he visits the mouse bistro created by Anonymouse on the sidewalks of Malmö. It all started as a fun experiment with small scenes consisting of a nut shop, “Noix de vie”, and the italian bistro “Il Topolino”, on the corner of Bergsgatan and Almbacksgatan, but it soon became a real phenomenom with thousands of followers and people that contributed to the hype with miniature club posters, cheeses, all kinds of plastic animals and much more. The real creators’ names still remain anonymous, but that’s part of the game. “The idea to construct mice sized sceneries emerged in March of this year, it started with us just wanting to build something, and then the focus point shifted onto the stories of Astrid Lindgren and the movies of Walt Disney and Don Bluth” they explain. “We believe that at some point most kids like to image that there is a world parallel to ours wherein small animals live quite like we do but using things that we have lost”. Walking on a street won’t be the same anymore, so watch your step and pay a visit to the most romantic place in town. 

Mouse bistro, Malmö
Design: Anonymouse
Year: 2016
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