April 19, 2017
Architecture Society Visual arts

Anything can turn attractive when in good hands. A photographer, a videomaker and a chef completed an excellent branding exercise with a military food takeover. Chuck George, Jimmy Pham and Henry Hargreaves are three young creatives that teamed up to revive something as singular and unattractive as military food from around the world. Born in the USA, the Meals Ready-to-Eat (MRE) have officially replaced the canned MCI version in 1981, and evolved since then in their graphics and ‘content’. Due to their unappetizing taste they have earnt the nickname “meals rejected by everyone”, until now. This project ironically reimagines these meals and plates just like if they were Michelin starred dishes.

Military food takeover: from MRE to Michelin
Chef: Chuck George
Photo: Henry Hargreaves
Video: Jimmy Pham
Credits: all images via
Year: 2017