September 30, 2016

Mike’s amazing maze unveils See America, his latest maze depicting the iconic National Park posters produced by the WPA Federal Arts Project between 1938 and 1941, that can only be seen from quite a distance. The last work celebrates 100 years of the National Park Service which was established with theOrganic Act of 1916, creating an official federal bureau that would manage the parks in order “to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.”

Mike’s Maze has been producing creative corn fields for more than ten years, as a family entertainment destination located on a working farm at the foot of Mount Sugarloaf in Sunderland, Massachusetts.

See America
Mike’s Maze
Credits: photographs by Will Sillin and Mike’s Maze. All images via and
Year: 2016
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