July 11, 2017
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Memories Objects is a design collection produced by Mad Lab, a design editor based in Madrid, where several designers collected dreamy images and translated them into fine craft wooden objects. Vicent Martínez is inspired by Timbuktu, the Sub-Saharan African city whose original buildings of an ancient traditions transmit mystery, symbology and a mystic magnetism. Eli Gutiérrez created a collection of small containers in the shape of little ‘floating’ houses, while Borja García designed Motormood, a series of miniature vehicles that take us back to our childhood (or an imaginary one).

Memories Objects
Designers: Vicent Martínez (Tombouctou), Eli Gutiérrez (Floating Houses), Borja García (Motormood)
Production: Mad Lab
Year: 2017
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