September 15, 2014
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Form Follows Sound is Roy Yahalomi’s graduation project, made in Holon Institute of Technology.
The project is based on a research of a new ceramic material, that Yahalomi has developed together with Or Hetzroni.
The new ceramic material is made out of Basalt rocks, which Yahalomi grinded to a powder, transformed into liquid and poured into plaster molds.
The natural Basalt rock is made out of different types of metal and glass, what makes its sound so unique, this fact fascinated Yahalomi, therefore he made a research about the different sounds that the new material can produce.
During the research Yahalomi asked different questions, and the answers led him to his finale design: Does different shapes of the material affect the sound? In which way the sound move inside a shape? What are the conditions required for producing a sound? And if it’s possible to determine the pitch every shape will produce, by changing capacity and thickness.
With his insights, Yahalomi has designed a series of 20 Basalt bells with harmonic sounds, and gave his own interpretation to the traditional African Güiro.

To know more about the process and listen how it sounds CLICK HERE