September 13, 2016
City Visual arts

At the Bristol Biennal 2016 British artist Liz West has created Our Colour a new site-specific and immersive installation: using light as a sculptural material, she explores the physical, emotional and psychological effects of colour within a space. What does it feel like to be inside a colour? Does colour change the way you feel? West invited visitors to drench themselves in the spectrum, answering these simple questions. She transformed the architectural space and turned colour into an immersive and embodied experience by refracting light through carefully arranged coloured theatre gels.

This new artwork is part of a series by artist Liz West under the umbrella title “Your Colour Perception” that began in a residency at Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces Federation House last year in Manchester. As the artist says, “most people rarely have the experience of being completely immersed in pure colour. I observe that after moving through the space – walking, running, dancing – and experiencing every colour, people often go back to the colour they find most comfortable; they will then stand, sit or lay there for some time to reflect.”

Our Colour
Artist: Liz West
Venue: Bristol Biennal
Year: 2016
Images via Liz West blogspot page

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