September 6, 2016

Living Gadgets, a Project by Studio José de la O, speculates about a near-future reality, where product designers are able to use genetically designed creatures the same way materials are used in objects today; toying with the idea of how a genetically modified creature, designed not only to fulfill an utilitarian role, but also to be disposable the same way as a cheap gadget, could change the concept of a living being.

This project consists of three “living” product that allows stressed future travelers at airports to relax in three different ways using Nature as a material. Each product has unique living being that adds qualities and functions to stimulate the sense of smell, eyesight or hearing.

Living Gadgets
Art direction: José de la O
Research: Fernanda Lavin, Monica Arriaga
Product design: Fernanda Lavin, José de la O
Packaging design: Mónica Arriaga, José de la O
Icons on packing (via Noun Project): Hernan D. Schlosman, Federico Panzano, Sebastian Andreasson
Images: Fernanda Lavin, Mónica Arriaga

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