May 17, 2015
City Design Innovation

Our team came together with one clear mission: to find a way to eliminate the opportunity for bikes to be stolen. The purpose behind our mission is to provide a sense of security to bikers and encourage cycling as a lifestyle.
How is LINKA unique? We discovered that 85% of bikes that are stolen are ridden away inconspicuously. By focusing mainly on immobilizing the wheel and locking it to the frame, we can seriously reduce the risk of a bike getting stolen, as it become a lot more suspicious to carry an alarming bike!
At it’s core, LINKA is a powerful bike lock mounted to your frame, so it’s always ready. To lock it, simply tap the button and you’ll be recognized securely through your phone. A 9mm hardened square steel ring automatically slides into place making your bike impossible to ride away.
With LINKA’s revolutionary patent-pending Auto-Unlock feature, you’ll never have to carry a key. As you approach your bike, LINKA will recognize you and unlock automatically. Quick, convenient, and easy.
Now, we need your help to bring the first ever Auto-unlocking Bike Lock to the market and really prevent thieves from riding our beloved bicycles!
To learn more about this project and to support it, please visit the Kickstarter page