March 14, 2017
Architecture News

Last House on Mulholland is a design competition for a house to be located beneath the Hollywood Hill. Launched by architectural research initiative Arch out Loud. The objective was to influence the future construction on the site in Los Angeles, as well as future residential design. The  LHOM project seeks to promote a positive mission and serve as an example for how future homes can be built and inhabited, in terms of climate change, energy consumption, rising sea levels and water scarcity. Ambivalent House, Holliwood Hill and The Last House are the three winning projects. The three winning projects are a house that slowly rotates on itself, two hidden houses that camouflages with the surroundings thanks to their special roofs, and a building designed for landscape and constellations sightseeing.

Last house in Hollywood
First place: Ambivalent House, by Hirsuta (Los Angeles). Team: Jason Payne, Michael Zimmerman, Joseph Giampietro, Ryosuke Imaeda
Second place: Holliwood Hill by Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda – FGO/Arquitectura (Merida, Mexico)
Third place: The Last House by YBDD, NHD (Los Angeles). Team: Yohannes Baynes, Noriaki Hanaoka
Owner’s choice: Eclipse by Yohannes Baynes, Noriaki Hanaoka (Rome, Italy). Team: Luca Pozzi, Daniele Marchetti, Gabriele Filippi, Franco Santucci
Competition: Arch out Loud
Year: 2017
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