May 8, 2016

Roberto Conte and Stefano Perego, drawn together by a shared passion for photography, visited La Grande Motte to highlight its geometrical complexity and extravagance.


We met 10 years ago when we started taking photos together, at the beginning getting inside abandoned buildings in Milan and its surroundings, then expanding the geographical area of our explorations and the choice of subjects, travelling in many countries with an increasing interest towards architectures with a massive visual impact. Recently, in one of our photographic road trips, we headed to a really particular place, a popular seaside resort located in Southern France, in the Montpellier arrondissement.

La Grande Motte was designed and built between 1960 and 1975 basically by one single architect, Jean Balladur. All the buildings look different, but it’s undeniable that they were designed by the same hand and it’s a true visual experience. Pyramids, triangles, circles, half circles and omegas, La Grande Motte appeared to us like a kaleidoscope of shapes and patterns. Definitely such an inspiring, uncommon and somehow challenging subject that we decided to represent it highlighting its geometrical complexity and extravagance.

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