September 29, 2015
Design Gifts

The encounter between the manufacturing skills of ceramic artisans and the creative and visionary potential of Vincenzo D’Alba, gave life to the prestigious 2015 collection of vases, which is now at the twelfth series. A set of decorative geometric and figurative patterns, offering different combinations in an extraordinary effect of forms and symbols. From the classical to the more contemporary and abstract tradition, from the monochromatic signs to the polychromatic decorations, a timeless theme is revealed, typically representing Kiasmo production, a brand which is more and more unique in the furnishing and luxury design. A sophisticated collection, consisting of unique pieces, works of ceramic art, characterized by a continuous study of the materials and of the artistic language. The works are part, unconditionally, of the rich history of Italian ceramics, a new Kiasmo chapter, made of quality and beauty.

Text by Angela Deramo
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