September 19, 2016
Architecture Visual arts

Jonathan Monaghan’s Gotham cities question our perception of cities and immerses us into varying dimensions of reality. Through prints, sculpture, and video works, the artist constructs seemingly urban landscapes that come to life through movement, robotics, and 3D animation. His aesthetic in informed by gaming, science fiction, Baroque architecture, and the luxury goods industry.

Conjuring a mythical city in his newest body of work titled Gotham, Jonathan tells the story of a dystopian future influenced by urban architecture. By using video game graphics, the artist creates a virtual space we are free to explore like the avatars inside a game. There are never any humans or even part-human characters in Monaghan’s world.

As we go through the objects and environments that make up this disturbing cities, we encounter a world of high-end hotel receptions, gold and crystal chandeliers, white leather embossed with diamonds, and luxury building showrooms. Through his complex and highly detailed constructions, Monaghan has imagined a future mythology of the present world concerned with wealth and power.

Artist: Jonathan Monaghan
Year: 2016

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