Marianna Guernieri
May 16, 2018
Design Fashion

Curious on how your voice looks like? Arslane Benamar is the mind behind the Sound Jewelry collection. The project allows you to create a unique piece of jewelry through the patterns created by your vocal spectrography. The concept uses 3D printing, algorithmic and participatory design processes. The use of biometric data as a source of decorative patterns unveils the aesthetic potential of the information already present within the morphology of one’s own body.

Benamar is a Paris-based French designer and architect. He studied Architecture Sciences at the Politecnico di Milano, Visual Arts and Social Sciences at the Sorbonne University and TU Delft. Trained in Italy at the Studio Italo Rota & Partners and in The Netherlands at The Why Factory, MVRDV’s research think-tank he explores the different dimension of projects following the Milanese school “from spoon to city”.

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Sound Jewelry
Design: Arslane Benamar
Credits: all images via
Year: 2018