Marianna Guernieri
May 17, 2018
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Feel like an animal in Tumucumaque: how does a poison dart frog perceive its surroundings? What does it feel like to be a caiman lying in wait for prey? “Inside Tumucumaque” is the immersive installation at the ZKM Karlsruhe that uses interactive virtual reality to allow visitors to slip into the role of an Amazonian rain forest inhabitant and explore the unique ecosystem of the natural reserve situated in northeastern Brazil from the perspective of the animals living there.

With the help of ultraviolet color spectra, movements in super slow motion, visualizations of sonar localization as well as colored night vision and spatial 3D sound, the animals’ perception is interpreted into a sensory experience that can be understood by the human perceptual system. The VR Experience is incorporated into the “The Art of Immersion” exhibition series.

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Exhibition title:
Inside Tumucumaque
A project by: andFILMTANK
Promoter: Interactive Media Foundation
Collaboration: Artificial Rome
Museum: ZKM Karlsruhe /
Opening dates: until 27 May 2018
Address: Lorenzstraße 19, Karlsruhe, Germany