August 17, 2017
City Visual arts

English environmental artist Steve Messam created a series of “inflatable ruins” as part of  The Borders Sculpture park, where he combined three abandoned architectures with inflatable fabric sculptures creating a joyful and funny visual spectacle. Setting up a dialogue between past and present, he added a new dimension to familiar old ruins. The installation is set in park of the Mellerstain house, one of Scotland’s great Georgian houses built in 1725, in the small village of Gordon, in the old county of Berwickshire, Scotland. The installation Pointed sits within the former gatehouse and Pekingese stud and fills the void of the building, extending out from the long absent pitched roof that the inflatable simulates. Towered, on the other hand emerges from the curved walls of the ruin of the old laundry near the beck, its column-like forms standing over eight meters high. Scattered is a series of spheres that appear to float like huge, opaque bubbles on the surface of the lake, punctuating one of the most known and impressive views in a sweeping line from the main house across to the Hundy Mundy folly on the horizon, and offering new views and perspectives.

until 11 September 2017
Inflatable Ruins
Artist: Steve Messan, info on the artist here
Client: Borders Sculpture Park
Curated by: Sarah Coulson
Venue: Mellerstain House, Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland
Credits: images via client’s and artist’s websites
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