December 15, 2014
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This film is the preamble of the documentary Heart of Glass. Heart of Glass is a journey. A road trip through several countries on two continents in pursuit of a story. The story of a young glass blower with a singular talent: Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert.  The film follows him in his daily life–working in the studio and on the road. Jeremy recounts growing up in Africa, where he drew inspiration for his first pieces. He speaks of his family of Franco-American origin, difficult events he faced, the challenges of returning to Europe. He speaks of his first encounter with glass at age 19. The first time he saw the hot glass moving at the end of a blow pipe was his seminal moment. The way the glass, fluid, delicate and mysterious, danced that day has forever changed him. The film reveals how passion can undo a tragic fate.
Source: Vimeo
Directed by Jérôme de Gerlache, Images Jérôme de Gerlache, Pascal Boudet, Music composed by Cyesm “Blowing the wind” Extract from “Score”
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