April 24, 2015
Innovation Visual arts

This is primarily an artistic project. It gives me an opportunity to give something back to an Artist’s legacy that has given so much inspiration to myself and many others.
I first discovered Boccioni’s work over 20 years ago as an art student. His ability to capture movement and fluidity in sculpture was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and continues to inspire me.
On a trip through Italy a few years ago, I learned more about Boccioni’s lost sculptures. There was nothing physically remaining of the lost sculptures, just photographs taken by the Artist. I was excited to have found out about the work, but equally frustrated that I would never get to see these lost sculptures.
‘Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Movement’, was first shown in 1913 in Paris, as part of Boccioni’s solo exhibition of 11 sculptures. A few years later, the sculptures were smashed to pieces, which I find shocking.
Fortunately 3 sculptures were salvaged by his friends. However ‘Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Movement’ was beyond saving.
I wondered if there was something I could do about that.
In the subsequent years, I’ve developed my skills as sculptor in a digital environment, I explored the available records on the lost sculptures and experimented with new technologies.
I found the freedom of digital 3D and animation a wonderful medium to explore my own unique shapes and forms. I now feel I’m ready, to complete the work.
Using digital tools, I hope to re-create a full scale 1.17 metres (3ft 9 inches) tall 3D print of this lost art, so it can engage and inspire a new audience.
Rewards to backers who help kick start the project will include; 3D prints, digital images to download and a time-lapse video of the sculpting process.
To learn more about this project, please visit the Kickstarter page