December 19, 2014
Architecture Books and music

For 3 years a group of architects based in Zurich is organizing the first complete documentation of the architecture of expressionism, “Fragments of Metropolis”. It is the time of the Roaring Twenties, that, unlike usually perceived, was not dominated by Modernism but by its almost forgotten, expressionist „sister“. Arround 40.000 kilometers lie behind the group in an effort to photograph more than 1.000 buildings across Europe. All of them have been diligently researched; for hundreds detailed historic drawings have been reproduced in their spar time.
The first result will be a photo-book about the 135 fragments in Berlin and its region, one of the most important centers of the movement. It will be published by Hirmer Munich and distributed worldwide. Berlin based architect Hans Kollhoff delivers an introduction. The extant buildings of the expressionist utopia are fascinating in their search for forms and their skilful use of light, colour and material. Unlike the architecture that arose from the Bauhaus in the same era, their urban and architectural sense grasps for complexity, vertical enhancement and dramatisation represented the creation of the modern Metropolis.
Over 1000 realised expressionist buildings can be found throughout Europe, yet many have been uncared for and forgotten. ‘Fragments of Metropolis – Berlin’ shows the results of this project for the first time, presenting the 135 remaining buildings in Berlin and its surroundings. Colorful photography show the fantastic play of forms; maps help to find its way around.
To finance the last bits – mainly printing costs – the team, which is lead by Christoph Rauhut and Niels Lehmann, is organizing a crowdfunding campaign.
Our goal is to collect 5’000 Euro. Everyone that supports gets something in return – a copy of the book for already 25 Euro ($ 30 / £ 19) or as the high- light an original drawing by the legendary Hans Poelzig.
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