August 23, 2017
Innovation Kids Society

When Minecraft entered the charts of the best video games in history, it actually meant that architecture and urban planning had turned into one of the most popular topics among kids. Quite an achievement that makes us wonder how the phenomenon will impact our built environment. In Minecraft, kids (and their parents) plan their own world and inhabit it through play and imagination. What makes it really special is that everything is made up of cubes, hundreds of thousands of them. Even Bjarke Ingels addressed the topic suggesting that the real world should be a bit more like the game, meaning that we should be able to build the world that we whish to inhabit. We can think over the subject while browsing Aditya Aryanto’s ‘minecrafted’ animals (or anicubes): the Indonesian digital artist provokes with a possible short-circuit that might happen to your brain if you play too much.

Minecraft animals in real life
Artist: Aditya Aryanto
Credits: all images via @ditpict
Year: 2017
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