March 1, 2015
Design Travel

This innovative sled transforms quickly and intuitively from an easy-to-store product to a fun, high-performance sled that is suitable for individuals, families, seasonal resorts and hotel rental facilities. We know that sleds are seasonal products that are only used occasionally.
They can be cumbersome objects but we believe that the design of the Folding Sled reduces many of the clunky characteristics of traditional sleds while improving performance and greatly increasing utility. For individuals and families, more sleds can fit comfortably into a car so now it’s easy to plan and pack for a day in the snow. We are proud to say that we have created a new category of sleds!
Traditionally there have been two types of sleds – family sleds and racing sleds.
Folding Sled bridges the gap between these two categories and offers a product that caters to both types of users. Folding Sled is constructed as a semi-rigid structure and the angles of its skates are in between the family and racer sleds (15 degrees). It can be used by one individual, an adult with child or two adults.
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