April 23, 2014
Design Fashion Gifts

Elisa Strozyk  is an inventor. But her focus is not on developing form; instead, she concentrates on exploring substances, experimenting with raw materials and ingredients, investigating their nature, transforming them and developing wholly new techniques from the fund of ideas and findings she amasses. Eliciting unexpected characteristics and functions from materials, she uses them to create improbably sensuous poetic objects.  Wood has previously been at the centre of the designer’s experiments in materials. Traditionally perceived as a stable, solid substance, in the hands of Elisa Strozyk wood becomes malleable and sculptural. Wood veneer assembled from a myriad triangular segments is applied to fabric, adopting textile properties and creating a flexible and mobile material that combines the rigidity and softness of the two materials in an outstandingly tactile way. The “Wooden Textiles” series created by Elisa Strozyk as her graduation project at Central Saint Martins garnered numerous awards, including the Young Design Award of the German Design Council and the 2011 Salone Satellite Award; the range was extended to include other objects such as lamps, vases, furnishings and rugs.
The exhibition “Elisa Strozyk. Poetic Transformation” at stilwerk design gallery is the first to showcase this young Berlin designer. Exhibition: 4th April to 17th May 2014