February 3, 2016
Design Innovation Nature

Poland-based startup Ecoisme has launched a product on Indiegogo – also called Ecoisme – that claims to help you monitor all the electronic devices in your home. The monitoring system supposedly detects basic gizmos like your hairdryer or laptop, using power analysis. Basically, that means that it can pick up on unique identifiers based on voltage and current readings.
This way, Ecoisme, that has recently won the CES prize for the best Smart Home Solution product, may help you track and save energy but also define which appliance doesn’t work properly. To use it, you install the sensor to your fuse box (breaker) and download the app. The sensor detects all of your appliances, monitors the energy that is being spent and displays the cost to you. If you forget to switch off your iron, electric oven or AC, Ecoisme will send you a friendly reminder. Furthermore it will notify you even if you forget to close your fridge door, or leave a window open in winter time. Ecoisme’s device is available internationally and expected to be shipped to backers this spring.

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