January 16, 2017
Design Nature

We need plants now more than ever. If nature seems so conceptual for the many living in the city, luckily creative minds address our ancestral needs and simply design with plants. Check out a selection of pieces that are either functional, decorative, helpful, playful or utopic. You may choose between plants to play with, giving them personalities and human clothes, indoor aquaponics and produce growing kits, pots that self-water, or transform themselves in table lamps. Pots that grow as their precious content does. Some very patient designers guide the trees’ roots to create furniture or textiles, while the art of bonsai has been literally blown away. Romantic artists still see in flowers a metaphor of life, while others decide that it is time to call the forces of nature to help us prevent coastal erosion.

Design with plants
Credits: Space10, Mathieu LehanneurSheng-Hung Lee and Wan Kee Lee, Tim Van De Weerd, Hoshinchu, Rebecca Louise, Sarah Daher, Studio Ayaskan, Pikaplant, Nomad Studio, Àplat, Jedediah Corwyn VoltzDiana Scherer, Conceptual Devices, Studio Nucleo, Another Studio, Miguel Vallinas Prieto, Full Grown, Miriam AustDaniel Rous
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