December 15, 2016
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Led by architects El Hadi Jazairy and Rania Ghosn, Design Earth is a collaborative practice that creates spectacular geographies, visualizing a range of aesthetic and political concerns for architecture and urbanism. Their last project Pacific Aquarium – presented at the Oslo Architecture Triennale – reflects on the overlapping concerns of ecology and economy in the Pacific Ocean, connecting political ecology with speculative design and collective aesthetic experience. After Oil, instead, speculates on the geography of the Gulf and its islands in the decades after oil, and the long-term consequences of current fossil fuel regime. In the Santa Claus’ Planetary Garden, Santa Claus has decided to quit his job becoming a planetary gardener: a logistic center where goods and toys will be replaced by a botanical garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation and distribution all over the world of plants from various climatic regions of the Planet.

Design Earth
Team: El Hadi Jazairy and Rania Ghosn
Year: 2014-2016
Credits: all images via
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