April 13, 2014
City Design Visual arts

The third year Bachelor students in Design from the University of San Marino – IUAV where asked by their Professore Riccardo Blumer to think about what Building a Sequence means.

In occasion of the Salon del Mobile 2014 the students presented the works they had to design and build in a very short time, more or less two months. The goal was to create a sequence with designed objects which they would be put in place in the very short time laps of a red light on a cross road. The initial work consisted in dancing and moving, working on the body language sequences and the the construction a deconstruction of the objects themselves. The works weren’t finished objects but they expressed the sequence from the idea to the creation and construction of the object itself.

On the following link more informations about the project:

@Salone del Mobile 2014, Milano