Marianna Guernieri
May 17, 2018
Architecture City

Estonian architecture office b210 designed two five-meter tall towers as a gate on the ice. Totem works as a checkpoint, something to pass or skate through, designed for the Warming Huts outdoor festival in Winnipeg, Canada. Both black wooden towers can be climbed by one person at a time, and they stand close enough to to allow for people on top to communicate across the heads of passersby. The installation took careful engineering to make sure the structures are well anchored to the ice, making them stable to climb even in windy conditions.

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Design: b210 Architects /
Project team: Aet Ader, Mari Hunt, Zane Kalnina, Kadri Klementi, Nele Šverns and Karin Tõugu
Engineering consultant: Egon Kivi
Festival: Warming Huts
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Completion: 2018