January 14, 2016
Architecture News

“Architectural history will always seem the fruit of an unresolved dialectic. The interweaving of intellectual models, modes of production, and modes of consumption ought to lead to the “explosion” of the synthesis contained.”_ Manfredo Tafuri

BURRASCA magazine is currently accepting proposals for its forthcoming issue #4 FAT/ANOREXIC.
Anorexia is usually defined as an eating disorder resulting from a pathologic desire of being thinner and thinner. In contradiction to this phenomenon, a high percentage of world’s population suffer of the opposite problem: overweight and – in some cases – its pathological manifestation: obesity. Both anorexia and the problem of being over-weight are related to today’s late-capitalist imaginary. An imaginary defined by architecture too.

The next issue of Burrasca will ask for contributions reflecting on how these terms can be referred to architecture. What is the relationship between the body, its contemporary fashion and architecture? Is there a relationship between anorexia and over-weight bodies and the contemporary manifestations of our disciplines? Is fat/anorexic a dialectic couple that can describe today’s architectural perversions and pathologies as well as its aesthetics and formalisms?

We accepts different kinds of contributions both textual (e.g. essays, interviews, articles etc.) and visual (photo-essays, graphics, illustrations or projects).

ABSTRACT – deadline 24/01/2016
SUBMISSION – deadline 29/02/2016.

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